Sieur d’Arques

Founded in 1946, the cooperative winery of the growers of Limoux became Vignerons de Sieur d’Arques in 1998. It is the leading operator of the appellations from this area (59% of the total market and 62% of sparkling wine sales). This company produces Blanquette and Crémant de Limoux, as well as still white and red Limoux wines, recognized as AOCs since 1991 and 1992, respectively.

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Mauzac, Chardonnay, Chenin, Pinot

Merlot, Syrah, Grenache, Malbec

Maurice Lautard

Pascal Chiaroni

61 % France & 39 % export. Export shipment to: Europe (55 %), Amérique (20 %), Océanie (16 %), Asie (6 %) & Europe de l’Est

Première Bulle, Aimery, Les 4 Terroirs Toques et Clochers, Le Petit Toqué, Aguila

11 millions d’éq/bouteilles, 7 millions en effervescents / sparkling (1,7 Blanquette de Limoux, 4,8 Crémant de Limoux, 230 000 Blanquette méthode ancestrale) et 600 000 bouteilles en Limoux tranquille (72 % blanc)

A commitment with the VDD label and the ICV group (water saving, study of the vineyard’s varieties in order to protect biodiversity, …)
Every year the organization of the Toques et Clochers charity auction, the 2nd event in France after les Hospices de Beaune, to protect local heritage.

The Wines

“Toques et Clochers is a charity fundraising auction, organized by Sieur d’Arques since 1990. Part of its profits is used to restore the 42 church steeples of the villages within the Limoux appellation growing area, thereby contributing to the conservation of the area’s heritage and architecture. It is one of the most important wine auction after the Hospices de Beaune. Toques & Clochers Edition Limitée is a Crémant de Limoux made in collaboration with Denis Dubourdieu and Valérie Lavigne. Its production involves 10 years research on the selection of parcels and blending, as well as maturing on laths for 36 months. The cooperative is extremely proud of this wine’s finesse and complexity.

”Terroir Haute-Vallée (chalky-clay) is the coolest of the 4 terroirs in Limoux, Haute Vallée, as it is situated at the highest altitude. In this location, Chardonnay produces an AOC Limoux still white wine, expressing freshness, minerality and ageing potential. Created at the end of 1980s to highlight the different terroirs identified within the Limoux growing area, this wine, like the three other ones, making up the Toques & Clochers range, is elaborated from grapes derived from parcels within the same terroir, that have been carefully selected and blended by the cooperative’s enologists.