Memoria Vieilles Vignes 2015 Louis Tête - Beaujolais

This wine is a part of our Haute Couture range. It reveals Gamay’s exceptional character. Assisted by a dozen growers, we have selected parcels from our hillside vineyards, managed according to specific requirements. The grapes are hand-picked when fully ripened, thereby allowing us to increase the crisp and fresh character of our wines made from Gamay. The Decanter World Wine Awards (May 2015) has attributed a silver medal to Memoria.
Memoria means memory in Latin, to pay tribute to the cellar winemakers founders.

  • TERROIR : sand and schists
  • GRAPE VARIETY : Selection of old vineyards over 50 years of age.
  • VITICULTURE : sustainable agriculture, handpicked harvest.
  • VINIFICATION : Traditional techniques, use of the entire bunches of grapes, and controlled temperatures during the vatting period (6 days). Stainless steel vats. Partly matured in casks used 3 times before and in tanks, blended after 9 months.
  • TASTING NOTES : Red ruby
    This wine is acidulated and lively with fruity aromas. It is slightly suave, with blackberry, raspberry and strawberry notes, joined by a touch of peony and pepper.
    Fleshy, tender and fruity (red currant) on the palate. Good freshness, vivacious and tasty, with a flavorsome finish.
  • FOOD PAIRING : parsley seasoned ham, rabbit terrine with hazelnuts, small fry or grilled fish with herbs and kebabs.

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Agamy is the number one Lyon region cooperative group, as the product of a merger in 2016 between Les Vignerons Foréziens (Trelins, Loire), Cave des Coteaux du Lyonnais (Sain-Bel, Rhône), as well as Cave de Signé Vignerons (Bully and Quincié in Beaujolais, Rhône). These three cooperatives are united by the Gamay’s Art and Passion.

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