Vignerons Ardéchois

Founded in 1967, “Vignerons Ardéchois”, gathers 12 cooperatives representing the Ardèche terroir’s richness and diversity. Les Vignerons Ardéchois sell most of the South Ardèche production.

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Merlot (18 %), Grenache noir (17 %), Syrah (15 %), Chardonnay (9 %), Cabernet Sauvignon (8 %), Gamay (5 %), Viognier (5 %), Sauvignon blanc (5 %), Grenache blanc, Ugni blanc, Pinot noir, Chatus, Marselan

André Mercier

Denis Roume, with Philippe Dry, his successor

12 millions bottles et 3 millions de Bag-in-Box® sold to 40 % in GMS, 40 % for cavists
et en CHR, 20 % à l’export

Terres d’Ardèche, Beaumont des Gras, Orélie, Fonvène, Modestine, Cellier du Pont d’Arc, Les Muletiers…

390 000 hl – 80 % IGP Ardèche, 15 % AOP Côtes du Vivarais, AOP Côtes-du-Rhône et AOP Grignan-Les-Adhémar

▪ IFS certification (International Food Standard) since 2006.
▪ A range of organic and terroir wines, including all of the wealth and diversity, offered by Ardèche.
▪ A 1 500 m2 discovery wine center called Néovinum was inaugurated in June 2013. This attraction includes a guided tour, along a scenic path and a tasting room/wine shop.
▪ 487 hectares of selected parcels from the best terroirs of Ardèche and Cotes du Vivarais.

The Wines

The brand “Terres d’Ardèche” is a varietal selection on a vineyard covering 487 ha. Wines express themselves each terroir’s identity. On each of its labels, the Terres d’Ardèche selection emphasizes the diversity of the flora within the Ardèche region. Its different colors represent various earthy shades, evoking the area’s mosaic of terroirs. Les Vignerons Ardéchois carefully produce wines from A to Z. Everything starts with a selection of the best parcels for the production of each grape variety taking into account the soil, exposition and form of trellising. The growers also undertake to respect specific production criteria: control of yields, varying from 20 to 50 hl/ha according to the variety, sustainable production, ploughing, pruning, trellising, leaf cutting, thinning, checks of berries at maturity and long maturation on the lees and in oak.